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All complaints / grievances will be dealt with by the Gym Manager, unless that said manager is involved with the complaint / grievance.

Pre- Phase

In any type of complaint, it is advised that the issue is attempted to be resolved in the first instance with person it is concerned with in a professional manor.

Phase 1 (Official)

1. The complaint must be sent in writing to Child Protection Officer/Gym Manager explaining all details including names, dates and facts within seven working days. The fact that it is a formal complaint must be stated clearly.
2. Child Protection Officer registers complaint in the ‘Complaints/Grievances Disciplinary logbook’.
3. Child Protection Co-ordinator shall inform the party to whom the complaint is being made against and request a reply in writing.

The Club Manager will then:
1. Explore possible resolutions
2. Reply within ten working days with details of the actions they propose to take including reasons for the decision.

Phase 2

1. If the person still feels unsatisfied after the proposed solution has been carried out, the person must appeal in writing to the Gym Manager giving full details as to why they are not satisfied within seven working days after the solution date.
2. The Child Protection Officer must then arrange a meeting within fourteen working days for all those involved to resolve all issues and create mutual agreements.
3. It must be recorded by Child Protection Officer that the complaint/ grievance got to Phase 2, including all details in the ‘Complaints / Grievances & Disciplinary logbook’.

Phase 3

1. If there is further dissatisfaction, it must be received in writing by the Child Protection Officer within seven working days of Phase 2 meeting.
3. The decision must be sent to the person making the complaint.
4. Child Protection Officer must register details of Phase 3 in the ‘Complaints/Grievances & Disciplinary logbook’.
N.B. It must be understood that the decision made in the meeting are final and that any further reports of dissatisfaction will be taken as harassment which can lead to disciplinary action.